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Secure Key

Get help if you’re having trouble with activating a Digital Secure Key or upgrading a physical Secure Key.

What is a Secure Key?

We take your online safety very seriously. If you use online or mobile banking, our Secure Key gives you added protection against the threat of fraud. As well as your normal username and passwords, you’ll generate a code from your device, which only you have access to. 

The Secure Key generates a temporary code which you then use to access mobile and online banking. To generate the code, you need a PIN or password known only by you - or you can use Touch ID, Face ID or Android Fingerprint if your device has these features. The Secure Key means only you can access your accounts.

Fraud alert: Don't fall victim to a scam. Never give out your security codes to anyone. Criminals pretend to be people you trust like a company you'd pay bills to, HSBC or even the police. For more information, please visit our Security centre.


Get help with your Secure Key

Find out how to reset your log on details and much more.

Why choose the Digital Secure Key?

  • Convenience - it's part of the HSBC UK Mobile Banking app

  • Use it to log on to the HSBC UK Mobile Banking app and online banking

  • Easy access – As the Digital Secure Key is integrated into the app, you will not need to generate a code to log on, just use your Digital Secure Key password

  • Biometric ID – if you have a compatible iPhone, iPad or Android phone, you can log on using Touch ID, Face ID or Android Fingerprint.

  • It's quick and easy to set up and make new payments

  • As long as you have your mobile device you'll have full digital banking access

How to upgrade to the Digital Secure Key

The Digital Secure Key is available on iPhone, iPad and Android phones running up-to-date software, as long as you have the HSBC UK Mobile Banking app. To upgrade to the Digital Secure Key, follow the instructions below.

If you’re having any trouble upgrading from a physical Secure Key to a Digital Secure Key, call us on 03456 002 290.

1. Log on to your mobile banking app. Then select 'More', 'Security settings', and 'Switch Digital Secure Key'.
2. Select 'Activate now'.
3. To activate your Secure Key on this device, we need to send you an activation code. Check that the last four digits match your current mobile number. If they don't, tap 'Having trouble?' for alternative delivery methods.
4. Type in your code, but leave out the (01). Press 'Continue' to proceed.
5. Type your new Secure Key password. This password needs to be a combination of letters and numbers, between 6-9 characters. Press 'Confirm' and then press 'Complete activation'.
6. You can now log on using your new Digital Secure Key password by selecting 'Go to Mobile Banking'.

Compatible devices

You can set up a Digital Secure Key on Android phones and Apple1 phones and iPads running up-to-date software. You’ll first need the HSBC UK Mobile Banking app, which you can download on:

  • iPhones and iPads running iOS 12 or higher
  • Android devices with an operating system of 5.0 or higher


Apple, iPhone, iPad, iPod Face ID and Touch ID are trademarks of Apple Inc, registered in the US and other countries. Android is a trademark of Google LLC.

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