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Visit Overseas account opening to see other ways to apply.

We're currently offering a reduced service due to coronavirus, which means we can't accept applications for accounts in other countries or regions. Please speak to your Relationship Manager for more information. 

To apply for an account in India, arrange a callback with our International Banking Centre.

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We're currently offering a reduced international account opening service due to coronavirus. We'll reopen the service to all our customers within the next few months.

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If you’re applying for a joint account, please provide the main applicant's details in this form. We'll ask you for the second applicant's details during your phone appointment.

To apply for a sole account in the US, visit International banking.

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To apply for a sole account in Canada, visit International account opening.

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An overseas account is for banking outside the UK.
Find out more about our 
foreign currency account and how to apply.

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